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Mobile Detailing Service in Utah 

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When it comes to keeping your car looking and smelling fresh, there's no better option than Crystal Clean's mobile detailing service in Utah County. Our team of professionals is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide top-notch car detailing services right at your doorstep.


With so many car detailing services out there, you may wonder what makes us stand out. Well, here's why our customers choose us again and again:

  • Convenience: Our mobile detailing service eliminates the hassle of dropping off your car at a shop and waiting for hours to get it back. We come to you, making the process quick and convenient.

  • Expertise: Our team of professionals has years of experience in the industry and knows the ins and outs of car detailing. They are trained to provide exceptional services that leave your car looking spotless.

  • Quality Products: We use only high-quality products to clean and protect your car's exterior and interior. From top-of-the-line ceramic coatings to gentle yet effective cleaning solutions, we ensure that your car receives the best treatment possible.

  • Customized Packages: We understand that every car is different and has unique detailing needs. That's why we offer customizable packages to cater to your specific requirements and budget.

Serving All of Utah County
Interior & Exterior Services
Stain & Odor Removal
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At Crystal Clean, we offer a wide range of services to keep your car in pristine condition. Here are some of the services highlighted for you:

Mobile Detailing Service

Our mobile detailing service includes a thorough exterior and interior cleaning of your car using our state-of-the-art equipment. We start by washing the exterior, decontaminating it, and then applying a ceramic coating for long-lasting protection against dirt and grime. We also clean the interior, including door panels, dashboard, carpets, and seats, leaving your car looking and feeling fresh.

Ceramic Coating for Car

Our ceramic coating service provides a layer of protection against UV rays, dirt, and scratches. It also gives your car a glossy finish that enhances its appearance. Our highly trained professionals carefully apply the coating to ensure proper coverage and a flawless finish.

Car Odor and Stain Removal Service

Is your car smelling less than fresh? Our odor and stain removal service can help. We use specialized products to eliminate any unpleasant odors from your car, leaving it smelling clean and fresh. Additionally, we also tackle tough stains on your seats, carpets, and interior surfaces.

Quarterly Detail & Washes

Regular detailing is crucial to maintain the appearance and value of your car. That's why we offer quarterly detail and wash services to keep your car looking its best year-round. This package includes a thorough cleaning, decontamination, and application of ceramic coating every three months.

Buff & Polish Paint Correction

Over time, your car's paint may develop swirl marks and fine scratches, making it look dull and aged. Our buff and polish paint correction service can restore your car's shine by removing imperfections from the paint surface. We use high-quality products and techniques to ensure a flawless finish.


Aside from detailing, we also offer tinting services to enhance your car's appearance and protect its interior from harmful UV rays. Our experienced team uses high-quality film and precise installation techniques for a seamless look.

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"Did an amazing job on my van! I’d highly recommend booking them!"

Tact Services

"Tanner and Jason did an amazing job on both my wife's car and my truck! They look brand new and they got both cars done in no time! I would highly suggest going with Crystal Clean Detail!

Jordan Jones

"AMAZING. Seriously my car has never looked so clean. They are so trustworthy, very dependable, and had me check to make sure I felt good about everything even though it was already done perfectly. 100% GO WITH THEM FOR DETAILING.

Elizabeth Jensen

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Ready to give your car the ultimate makeover? Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our mobile detailing service in Utah County. We guarantee exceptional results and a hassle-free experience. Trust Crystal Clean to keep your car looking and smelling like new!

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Serving all of Utah County.

*Will travel to neighboring areas for an additional fee.

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